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Finance ERP Software: Front-Loaded Solutions for Your Business


Finance & ERP

Ever imagine your finance or ERP system working on Zoho the right way?

If they say sales are the backbone of every business, then the financial system, powered by finance ERP software, is certainly the heart. Now is the time to take control of your operations with a properly-tuned Zoho ERP financial system. Capabilities range from quoting to production, through to calculating commission. However, without that system in place, chaos can take over. The result means you probably don’t know how your business is really doing at all…

You already know how your finances work. Shouldn’t Zoho software work for you, and not the other way around?

To make things easier for you and counter the chaos, ZBrains offers you a variety of financial and ERP software services, from general accounting best practices to consulting on different financial apps, from Zoho Books to FieldTech (Zoho Creator) ERP.


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Zoho Finance

Zoho Finance provides a single platform to handle invoicing, send automatic payment reminders, log business expenses, and even manage subscription payments. You can manage it all under one umbrella - from order to invoice - without opening ten browser tabs at once. Whether it’s you at the helm or your finance manager, you’re sure to be less stressed.

But, what’s the best way of getting that configured for your business? Rely on ZBrains' expertise!

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FieldTech ERP

When you’ve worked with service companies as long as we have, you start to notice common problems. Then you naturally want to think of ways to help the companies that have those problems. From that idea, FieldTech ERP was born! FieldTech provides a hub for field service operations, construction, manufacturing, and technology/SaaS companies to manage all aspects of their business. From quoting and scheduling to inventory management, production and more, we can show you how to handle it all.

Why not start to reap the rewards of running a business like yours? We’ll show you how the software can help you do just that!

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Zoho Finance Data Migration

Once your new finance system is deployed, the real bear is getting all your historical data migrated and fully integrated with your new software. For a lot of people, that's the major downside to migrating systems entirely...

But don't let your historical data prevent you from enjoying a newer, sleeker ERP system like Zoho Finance or FieldTech! Instead, let our team of finance & ERP consultants look over and analyze your data - then we can provide data migration training, assistance, cleanup, or a full-service finance data migration. No need to worry, ZBrains' expertise has you covered!

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Zoho + Tax Integrations

Taxes are one of life’s two certainties - wouldn’t it be nice if your Zoho software handled them well? Integrate your Zoho CRM or Finance suite with TaxJar or Avalara to calculate taxes automatically, worry-free, and ensure your business is tax-compliant.

Let us show you what this tax integration can do for you.

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Accounting Best Practices

There are many ways to skin a cat, and fortunately we have the expertise to ensure your accounting methods and practices work on every level. From using the appropriate modules to determining whether cash or accrual is best for your business — we help you make informed business decisions. Whether you are just starting out or you maintain a large, well-oiled machine, we can help you reach all new heights with optimum accounting strategies.

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