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Zoho Customization: Tips for Creating an Efficient CRM


Zoho Customization


As a current Zoho CRM user, you probably use your customer relationship manager daily throughout business hours.  Your CRM is like a central hub of information that contains all of your customer information right in one place where it can all be organized and synced with a little Zoho customization.

Now did you know that Zoho CRM offers app extensions/plug­ins that can be synced with your Zoho CRM to help you launch email campaigns, create reports and custom dashboards, invoice customers, chat live with customers on your website, and even integrate other 3rd party software such as QuickBooks, MailChimp, EchoSign? If you didn’t already know, a little Zoho customization can go a long way streamlining your workflow saving you time and money.

Zoho Customization For An Efficient CRM

Below is a list of offered Zoho apps and ZBrains extensions/plug­ins that we can help implement into your Zoho CRM:

ZBrains’ Zoho 3rd Party Integrations -­ We have created a QuickBooks integration for Zoho, as well as similar integrations for Zoho with EchoSign, AccountingSuite, Sage, WordPress, and MailChimp.

Zoho Quote Calculator

Helps identify leads, their stages of cultivation and understand where every potential lead is in the sales process from first contact to sales presentation to closing stages. By qualifying your leads and creating visibility in your pipeline with ZBrains’ Zoho Quote Calculator, you and your sales staff will be able to easily recognize leads ready for conversion and stop wasting time on low quality leads.

Zoho Commission Calculator

The Zoho Commission Calculator is a flexible software solution that integrates into your Zoho app environment and can be fully customized with ease to meet your company’s unique needs. ZBrains has included not only different commission structures but also includes payment integration, approval processes, bonuses and incentives, overrides and even gamification so you can stop spending hours manually calculating commissions.

Zoho Campaigns ­

With Zoho Campaigns you can create, send, and track effective email campaigns to your customers so that you can keep them informed while staying in touch. Currently a Zoho CRM user? Then we highly recommend you use Zoho Campaigns to seamlessly integrate your email and social media campaigns with your CRM.

Zoho SalesIQ

Track website visitors in real ­time and use data to determine how to engage with them. Chat with your website visitors in real­time to educate them or help them find the right solutions. Engage website visitors and make them your customers by engaging them in SalesIQ.

Zoho Support ­

A web-­based customer service support software that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Zoho Support was created to help you focus on keeping your customers happy by staying organized and on top of support requests with a ticketing system.

Zoho Invoice

A simple and intuitive invoicing software designed to help you create and customize invoices, track payments, and get paid faster with online payments.

Zoho Books ­

An intuitive software for growing businesses that manages finances, tracks expenses, and helps manage cashflow. Streamline all of your back office duties with Zoho Books and organize all of your transactions in one place. Remain up­-to-­date on your outstanding invoices and expenses.

Zoho Subscriptions

A recurring and subscription management app that assists in managing the lifecycle of your customers. From billing and charging to managing customer subscriptions, Zoho Subscriptions can help you keep your paying customers on a payment cycle they are comfortable with.

Zoho Reports

An online reporting business intelligence service that helps you create beautiful reports and easily analyze data. Create and customize insightful reports and dashboards to help you make better informed decisions. It can also allow you to create and share your reports with others in minutes without the help of your IT department.

Zoho Projects

Plan, track and collaborate with your team members to deliver small tasks or large projects. Find out why Zoho Projects is the preferred project management app of more than a million users today.

Zoho Creator

Launch database apps on your own without the help of a developer. Zoho makes it easy to build your own custom apps with the drag­-and­-drop builder. Workflows that would generally take hours to code out and build can now be done in minutes.

If you have any questions about Zoho customization or just want to talk to a certified Zoho CRM consultant about the possibilities or schedule a training session, you can reach us at (888) 207­-4111.