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Zoho Data Migration

Migrate your Data to Zoho with our help

zoho data migration

If you’re planning to upgrade from a legacy system to an instance of Zoho, there’s always one nasty roadblock that can prevent you from having the smoothest project: that’s your data!  Whether it’s too complicated to export and import yourself, you aren’t sure how it will translate to Zoho, or you just don’t have time to sit through a data migration yourself, your historical data is the one thing that completes your Zoho system after it’s been properly implemented and optimized.  So, what are you to do when you find yourself in a bind?

At ZBrains, we’ve encountered this problem many a time.  And, we understand just what you need to successfully migrate your data from many, many systems to Zoho.  That goes not just for Zoho CRM, but Zoho apps like Books and Inventory, too, as needed. Even migrating from Salesforce to Zoho doesn’t have to be such a chore for you.

Zoho Data Migration: The ZBrains Difference

You probably already know data migration isn’t always just a point-and-click maneuver!  It’s not always hard to do, but it’s a lot to sit through. And, if you aren’t sure how to best export it or how it will map to Zoho CRM in the best way possible, that can absolutely quash any chance you have of going through it alone.  And, it’s possible that other consultancies will jump at the chance to help you, and offer you a quick solution to help you. Well, not so fast…

zoho data migration

We have enough experience at ZBrains to know that the best solution isn’t always the quickest one.  In fact, we have a rigorous process to make sure we migrate your data effectively.  And that involves three important steps:

  1. Planning
  2. Data migration test round
  3. Data migration approval
  4. Live migration

The purpose of the test round and approval:

Migrating your data in one fell swoop without ensuring it looks correct could be disastrous to your organization, especially if you have a lot of team members interacting with it.  Your team could be unprepared for such an influx of new (old) data, and if we don’t get the migration right the first time, it could put undue stress on everyone involved.

For that reason, we always perform a test migration after we plan your data mapping.  This test consists of just a few records of any one type. Once we’ve tested and made sure it looks right to us, we come back to you and make sure the data looks right to you.  You’ll be able to tell us if your data looks like it should in your Zoho environment.  

Once we’re in agreement about your data, we’ll perform the rest of the migration for that module.  This multi-pronged process also gives you time to alert your team of the migration schedule and tell them when they can inspect the new data to arrive.

Pricing for Zoho Data Migration

Data Migrations are required for all Integration projects and pricing varies on complexity of the integration itself. Typically, data migrations are priced based on the number of modules (ex.  Sales Orders, Invoices, Customers are examples of modules) along with the number of records. Schedule an integration assessment today with a ZBrains consultant to get a project quote. 

Systems we work with

Our clients come to Zoho from a variety of systems.  We can help you migrate to Zoho from programs like:

Need more than just a one-time Zoho data migration?

zoho data migration

Sometimes we get requests for Zoho CRM or Zoho Books migrations from companies who would like to continue to use their legacy systems.  They want to continuously migrate data to that old system from Zoho, or vice-versa. We call that kind of data migration a software integration, and we do a good deal of that at ZBrains, too.  We use our own ETL platform to set up continuous syncs between many different software systems and Zoho apps, including the ones you see above.

Ready to migrate?  Get started today!

Even the largest of Zoho data migrations, and Zoho jobs in general, begin with a single click.  No matter if you’re just getting started on Zoho and want help migrating a few modules of records, or you’re well through your Zoho consulting period and want to move over all your data from several old systems.  We can help!  Contact us to let us know exactly where your needs lie, and we’ll be sure to offer you the best kind of help for the job.


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