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Zoho CRM Automation: Reshaping Boomer Business Strategies

baby boomers zoho crm

When it comes to software for your business, the opportunities are endless – from CRM to ERP, accounting software to marketing automation, you’re likely receiving cold calls and email outreach every single day. Yet, when it comes to baby boomers, there is a shift happening – a significant change in their business habits. They are leaving their legacy systems behind. Why? Because they are finding new solutions – practical, efficient, and cost-effective solutions – that they were previously unaware of. And when it comes to CRM solutions, we’re finding the now more than every that baby boomers love Zoho CRM Automation. Of course, we knew they would love what Zoho has to offer – but perhaps you have to hear it (or read it) to believe it yourself.

Embrace the Change: Why Baby Boomers Choose Zoho CRM

1. Because their legacy systems lack efficiency.

It’s not surprising, but it needs to be said. Legacy systems aren’t getting updated as frequently as CRM solutions, like Zoho CRM, are. We are constantly focused on innovative software and updates. We are always introducing new integrations, and we hear you when feedback is expressed.

Here are just a few of the Zoho integrations that we are proud to offer:

2. Legacy systems aren’t always adapted for mobile.

Can you imagine not being able to access your email on your iPhone or Android? It sounds archaic, right?

Now, imagine not being able to access your CRM on mobile. Let’s say you’re on a conference call while traveling, and your client asks for an update on invoice 0001. Imagine having to respond with, “Sorry, Joe – I’ll have to get back to you when I’m in the office on my desktop.”

You won’t run into this problem with Zoho! It’s so important that your desktop and mobile software solutions work in synchrony, and we shouldn’t expect anything less from a CRM.

baby boomers zoho crm

3. They make Millennials skeptical.

By 2025, 3 out of every 4 employees globally will be within the Millennial market. So, we need to pave the way for Millennials to take over – because they will.

Millennials need on-the-go, mobile solutions. They need to have data in the palm of their hand, 24/7. Don’t let your outdated legacy systems drive away Millennials, your future employees.

4. Training and Support are nonexistent.

Legacy solutions lack training and account management representatives – because no one uses them anymore! Innovation is key to new software solutions. Baby boomers are quickly realizing this, and understand the importance of having account management by your side.

Innovation is truly integral to business success. Using software that is efficient and effective for your business means impacting your bottom line and generating ROI for your team. When searching for new software and systems, find a solution that will work with you – helping your company every step of the way.

Curious about how Zoho services and solutions can work for your business? Schedule a consultation with a member of our ZBrains team today!

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