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Intuit Sync Manager: Say Goodbye and Migrate Your Data Effortlessly

Preparing for Intuit Sync Manager Discontinuation?

intuit sync manager

Disclaimer: ZBrains customers who use our Zoho QuickBooks integration are NOT affected by this, as our product utilizes the QuickBooks Web Connector (QWC), not the Intuit Sync Manager.

Now that that’s out of the way, you can breathe a little more easily, but the fact still remains that businesspeople using Intuit’s sync manager are going to have to find a new way to sync their data.  Intuit warned us about this a good while ago – over a year and half, to be precise – but, it’s still jarring to have a deadline nearly in your face with a software move to make.  So, how did Intuit’s Sync Manager come to be, and why has Intuit decided to retire it along with the rest of the QuickBooks Desktop REST API?

A brief sojourn into synchronization history

intuit sync manager

Intuit Sync Manager was designed to sync data from QuickBooks (Desktop versions like Pro, Premier, and Enterprise) to the cloud, where it’s easily accessible by developers (or third-party programs) for use in syncing.  When QuickBooks Desktop was the only thing around, using Intuit Sync Manager was a great way to get QuickBooks to play nicely with other apps and programs.

As time’s passed, many applications that began life tied to a desktop are seeing their younger brethren sprout wings and head into the cloud; QuickBooks is no exception to this.  Cloud-based business programs are much quicker; that statement not only means less time waiting for programs to load, as they don’t use your valuable server space, but it also means no waiting for programs to install or update.  It also means the end of limitations brought on by using incompatible OS platforms – for example, Windows vs. Mac – since anyone with a web connection can access a web-based program.

intuit sync manager

This move to the cloud coincided with the development of the QuickBooks Web Connector.  This tool was designed with the same basic functionality as the Intuit Sync Manager, but with the added ability to connect web-based apps directly to one another – and, of course, the superior functionality of the QWC meant the eventual end of the Intuit Sync Manager.

As a QuickBooks user, what does this mean to you?

It depends on your relationship with QuickBooks at the moment, as well as your relationship with Zoho or your CRM of choice.

Do you use the Intuit Sync Manager to connect your QuickBooks Desktop to your CRM?

  • If so, you’ll have to either use the QuickBooks Web Connector to do the same job or, if that option isn’t available, you may need to implement a different CRM, one that can use the QuickBooks Web Connector and not just the Intuit Sync Manager.

Are you planning to connect your CRM to QuickBooks?

  • You’ll need to use a CRM option that’s compatible with the QuickBooks Web Connector and not just the Intuit Sync Manager, since you won’t be able to use that product to sync across platforms as of March 1st.  If your business model depends heavily on syncing data between QuickBooks and CRM, make sure the CRM you choose works with the QWC.

Do you use QuickBooks Online?

  • If you do, you don’t have to worry, as QuickBooks Online was designed to work with the QWC.  In other words, this Intuit Sync Manager issue won’t affect you at all.

What about Method CRM?

intuit sync manager

Method CRM is an Intuit-endorsed solution that connects seamlessly with QuickBooks.  For very simple use cases, it’s not a bad product, but, if you want any sort of customization or even marketing automation in addition to the most basic contact lookup features, you might not like what you see.  (We reviewed Method CRM here.)

In sum, the pros are:

  1. Provides basic contact lookup and lead funneling functionality
  2. Sleek, smart UI
  3. Unlimited contacts per record

And, the cons:

  1. Doesn’t use social media integrations
  2. Doesn’t have any built-in marketing campaign abilities
  3. Very limited customization ability (aside from unlimited contacts per record)

For the lack of a social media and marketing tools alone, Method CRM is probably not a great choice for anything other than a small business – and to boot, if you need any major customization done to your system, Method CRM won’t work at all.

intuit sync managerYou know what we say…

We’re a Zoho CRM consultancy here, so our views are a little skewed.  That said, we’re happy to help set you up on a QuickBooks integration with Zoho CRM.  We set ourselves apart from the other Zoho firms out there by offering this integration as well as a handful of others, proprietary Zoho add-ons, plus personalized Zoho support and training from a team that eats, drinks, and practically breathes Zoho.

In any event, I hope you found this post informative.  The discontinuation of the Intuit Sync Manager will probably affect a great number of users – anyone who hasn’t already migrated over to a different platform or who’s stayed on a program that only used the Intuit Sync Manager – so, we hope to act as a resource for you.



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