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DIY QuickBooks CRM Integration: Freemium Option Available

Note: as of 2019, the Freemium QuickBooks integration is deprecated.  We’d be happy to help you with a similar version of the integration – please contact us.

Howdy folks,

We’ve been working on perfecting our do-it-yourself (DIY) freemium QuickBooks integration for Zoho CRM for many months, and we’re really happy to finally announce that it’s complete and ready for you to use!

freemium quickbooks integration

DIY freemium QuickBooks integration for Zoho CRM

If you’re not in the loop, the DIY freemium QuickBooks integration is a lighter, free version of our QuickBooks Desktop integration.  (And, it also works for QuickBooks Online.)  Whereas our premium QuickBooks integration allows for syncing Accounts/Contacts, Products, Invoices, Sales Orders, Quotes, and Purchase Orders (among other items), the DIY freemium integration allows for syncing Accounts/Contacts and Products, perfect for businesses that need some syncing functionality but don’t need Invoices or Quotes passed from Zoho to QuickBooks or vice-versa.

freemium quickbooks integration

What are the pros?

We think there are a lot of great things about this freemium product:

  • It’s completely free – We call it freemium because it works just like a premium option, but we’ll never charge you for it.  Rest easy!
  • It’s easy to configure – Rather than depend on our engineers to complete your project, you can map your data and control the entire integration by yourself.  Not only is this simple to do, but it also saves a lot of time.
  • It saves time – If you create an Account/Contact in QuickBooks or Zoho CRM, you don’t have to worry about entering that name again; it’ll just pop right into the other system.  Whether it’s just saving you a minor inconvenience or a half hour every day, this is never a bad thing.
  • It saves overhead – Do you spend lots of time manually copying data from one system to another?  Well, imagine being able to use that time to do something productive – to finish a nagging project more quickly, for example – while this integration does that work for you.  You or your staff might even get to leave work a little earlier each day because of it.

freemium quickbooks integration

What about the cons?

Nothing’s perfect, of course.  Allow us to elaborate:

  • The Freemium CRM QuickBooks integration doesn’t provide as deep a sync as one of our premium integrations.  We think we’re pretty nice people over here, but at the same time, we can’t give away the farm.  If you need more functionality than just Accounts/Contacts syncing and Products syncing, you’ll need to use one of our premium integrations.  However, we’re going to roll out some Premium DIY integrations, too, so you’ll soon get the best of both worlds.  Keep your eyes peeled for those!
  • We can’t customize it.  As this is a completely free, completely self-contained product, we can’t provide any additional customization for it.  That doesn’t mean customization is impossible, of course – you’ll probably just need to buy one of our premium integrations if you want something more than the freemium product.

Why are we giving this to you?  Is there some kind of catch?

freemum quickbooks integration

Even if you didn’t ask this question outright, I know you’re wondering why we’d give you the Freemium CRM QuickBooks integration.  Are we just really benevolent people?  Of course we are!  But, that’s not why we’re doing this.

The reality is we know there’s a need for a level of syncing below what we offer for our premium Bronze QuickBooks integration – and, we also know that the integration can be cost-prohibitive for some.

We’re betting that if you’re willing to give our Freemium CRM QuickBooks integration a try, you might be willing to knock on our door if you need other Zoho integration help as well, or if you need help with any other Zoho issue that might arise.

Of course, you’re under no obligation to do so… but, we hope that you’d at least consider us.

Aside from that, Zoho themselves like it when we have customers using our products, regardless of how much they spend to use them, so we’re always keen on acquiring new customers, regardless of how much they end up spending.

So, the long and short of it?  No catch!

Ready to get free?

freemium quickbooks integration

If you haven’t done so already, try the Freemium integration out with your QuickBooks!  Just use this page here to sign up and start syncing.

And, as always, email us or drop us a line – (888) 207-4111 – if you have any questions about anything you see here, or if you think you might need a dose of Zoho consulting, some training, or some support!

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