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CRM Task Management: Streamline Workflow, Boost Productivity

Understanding CRM task management is an essential part of making your CRM successful for your business and your users. The data captured here inform your sales pipeline, and the activities of your sales staff, and can even tell you if any clients are being left behind. Keep reading to learn about CRM tasks in Zoho CRM.

What CRM Tasks are in Zoho CRM?

The activities you can create in Zoho CRM are Tasks, Meetings (formerly Events), and Calls.

  • Task: Use tasks to organize the things you need to complete within a certain time frame, but maybe not at a specific time. And remember, these can even be recurring. For example, schedule a recurring task for yourself every Monday to review all of your deals with an expected close date this week. Then schedule a Meeting or log each Call…
  • Meetings: The previous name for this was Events, an update was made in July 2020. This is an activity that takes place at a certain time and place and can include invitees. These can also be recurring for things like your weekly sales meetings, or quarterly reporting deadlines.
  • Call: This one probably doesn’t need further explanation. However, the important thing to know about Calls is that it is used for easily logging inbound and outbound calls to and from your clients as they happen.

Creating CRM Tasks For Yourself

You can create tasks, calls, or meetings from anywhere in CRM using the “+” button on the upper right of the main navigation. (Look just to the left of your avatar image.) This will pop up the activity, and you then enter in all of the relevant information, including Account, Contact, and/or Deal to be associated with your activity.

To cut down on the data entry, you can also create tasks from any Account, Contact, Lead, or Deal record. Navigate to the “Open Activities” section of the page and click the + next to Task, Call, or Meeting. Doing so will generate a pop-up with relevant Account, Contact, Lead, or Deal data pre-populated in your activity.


Where to find Activities in Zoho CRM

Great news here! This feature is baked right into Zoho CRM in a module aptly named Activities! Within you can see and manage tasks, meetings & calls.

The Activity View lets you filter records based on activity parameters such as date, time, type, etc. You create filtered views here like “Today’s Activities,” “Tomorrow’s Activities,” and “Overdue Activities” and save them for quick reference.

The CRM View can be applied to any Activity View using your choice of two formats.

  • The first view format is the “Tabular View.” This view presents as a list which can be sorted by column in whichever ways are most meaningful for you.
  • The second view is the Kanban view, which groups your selected Activity View into four categories: Customers, Open Deals, Leads/Contacts, and Others. Within those categories, activities are sorted with the latest at the top.

For both, clicking on any record will open the detail view for all the information and notes about your activity.  Which leads us to…


Managing Your Zoho CRM Activities

Now you understand where to find and view calls, tasks, and meetings in the Zoho CRM Activity module. Next, let’s talk about the details within these activity types and why they’re important to that clean flow of information your business needs.

In the detail view of Zoho CRM activities, you find areas of information for the following:

  • sales person's deskBasic Details & Task Information: This area provides details like Task Owner, Due Date, Status, etc.
  • Notes: It is best practice to include some notes for your interactions with clients, or to add in details you would like to reference in the future. Keeping in mind that information here can be utilized by others in your organization should the account change hands, or require assistance from other associates on your team.
  • Attachments: Here you can add any documentation pertaining to your task, call, or meeting.
  • Links: Use this to configure custom links for your activity.
  • Upcoming Actions: Pending actions related to this activity.

From this activity detail view, you can close your task, call, or meeting and the system will mark the status as Complete. At this point, you’ll also see a prompt to schedule a follow-up activity. On tasks, click the “Reminder” toggle to select the time you’d like to receive a task reminder pop up. For Calls and Meetings, select the reminder time from the drop down menu. For Meetings, you can set a self reminder, and use “Participants Reminder” to send a reminder to invitees.  (A good example of why two reminders might be used: set your self reminder 30 minutes prior to prepare, and send your attendees a reminder 10 minutes before so they can join on time.)


Creating Tasks for Other Users

In Zoho CRM, don’t forget that you can schedule activities for other users! You can cut down on the emails you’re sending internally by using the Activities function in this way. It creates a record of information hand-off, giving more visibility across teams. Here’s the quick info on how it works:

  • Tasks: Schedule tasks for other CRM users by updating the Owner field on the Task Information pop-up. Remember to check the “notify owner” check box.
  • Meetings: If you’d like to schedule a meeting for another user, put their name in the Host field when you create the meeting. On the meeting Information pop-up, choose “Add more details” to enter more information for the host in the Details field.
  • Calls: Call Owner is the field to update if you wish to create this activity type for another user. It’s important to note, you won’t see this option until the Call Start Time is set to a future time.

FAQs about Zoho CRM Task Management

1.What does Zoho CRM task management entail?

The process of organizing, assigning, and tracking tasks within the Zoho CRM platform is referred to as task management. It enables firms to organize work efficiently, prioritize activities, and track progress all inside a consolidated system.

2.How can Zoho CRM task management help to increase productivity?

By providing an organized approach to task organization and execution, Zoho CRM task management boosts productivity. Teams can stay organized, meet deadlines, and collaborate effortlessly with features like task reminders, notifications, and collaboration tools, leading in enhanced productivity.

3.What are the main characteristics of Zoho CRM task management?

Task creation and assignment, task tracking and status updates, task dependencies, task reminders and notifications, collaboration capabilities, and customized task views and filters are all available in Zoho CRM.

4.Is it possible to prioritize tasks in Zoho CRM?

Yes, tasks in Zoho CRM can be prioritized. You can designate priority levels to tasks, allowing you to focus on high-priority activities and guarantee that vital tasks are done on time. You may streamline your productivity and manage your time more effectively by prioritizing tasks.

5.In Zoho CRM, how can I collaborate with my team members on tasks?

Zoho CRM allows task collaboration through a variety of tools. Within the CRM platform, you may assign tasks to individual team members, share task-related files and notes, and make updates and comments. This enhances communication, coordination, and teamwork efficiency.

6.Is task analytics and reporting available in Zoho CRM?

Yes, Zoho CRM has task analytics and reporting capabilities. To obtain insights into your team’s productivity and discover areas for development, you can track work progress, measure performance indicators, and generate reports. These analytics can assist you in making data-driven decisions and optimizing your task management operations.

7.Is it possible to automate task management in Zoho CRM?

Absolutely! Setting up workflow rules and triggers in Zoho CRM helps you to automate task management. You may save time and ensure task management efficiency by automating task assignments, notifications, and reminders based on particular criteria or events.

8.Can Zoho CRM task management be integrated with other applications?

Yes, Zoho CRM supports integration with a variety of third-party applications. To optimize your workflow and ensure seamless data synchronization, you can connect task management with other tools such as project management software, communication platforms, and productivity apps.

9.How safe is Zoho CRM task management?

Zoho CRM stresses data security and offers comprehensive safeguards to protect your task management data. To protect your data and maintain confidentiality, the platform includes encryption, access controls, regular data backups, and compliance with industry-standard security measures.

10.Can Zoho CRM task management be tailored to meet specific business requirements?

Yes, Zoho CRM may be customized to meet your specific business needs. You can customize task fields, task views and filters, and automation rules to fit your specific workflows and procedures.

What Zoho CRM activity shortcuts or tips were you able to find in this article? 

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