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Zoho Growth: Why It’s Great for Users

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The year of 2005 saw the first release of Zoho CRM, and it’s no secret that Zoho has grown exponentially over the last few years; with 3500 employees globally and 25 million users on the platform, the once small-yet-mighty CRM has scaled tremendously since inception. Yet, with growth naturally comes questions – is Zoho’s growth an opportunity for users?

The short answer is yes. The explanation is below.

Zoho has paid a great deal of attention to R&D, especially in 2017. The company invests in people, who they consider to be vital as part of the R&D focus. For example, Zoho has a comprehensive program that hires high school students and trains them in what is called Zoho University – in fact, over 15% of their engineers come straight from this program. It fosters community within the business, and trains employees early on in the process – training those employees who will only contribute to the platform and the future ahead.

This fostering of community exemplifies their focus on growth, especially as it steers to 2018 and beyond.

Zoho’s Growth: Empowering Users and Building Confidence

Zoho has a focus on aggressive development horizontally.

Within Zoho CRM, there are a plethora of features that are available to solve key business challenges. From Zoho Sheet and Zoho Creator in 2006 to the expansion of Zoho Notebook, AppCreator, SalesInbox and more into 2016, the company is focused on adding more and scaling further for users. Aggressive development means that you and your company can benefit from everything Zoho has to offer – including the remarkable features that the company is building in R&D.

Growth means that the gap will close between the more “expensive” solutions.

We’ve covered the price point that Zoho boasts – one that is far less expensive than competitors like Salesforce. Yet, growth within this software platform means that the gap will close between features available with Zoho versus features with a competitor like Salesforce.

By this, we mean that Zoho essentially has all of the features and benefits that you need from a CRM (we would argue that the platform offers even more for small and medium businesses than Salesforce does). Growth over the last ten years has meant that features are being introduced at an even quicker pace and greater availability to users.

Speaking of price, it’s like getting a Ferrari for the price of a Honda.

…and who wouldn’t want that?

We all know that Zoho offers a powerful engine for a great price – the Ferrari for the price of a Honda, as we mentioned. That, combined with the ability to scale and grow as more and more users join every single day, it’s clear that Zoho offers a competitive pricing structure for companies.

Zoho employees are global, trained internally, and have a great deal of focus on developing new features around-the-clock. What was once a small platform with a big dream has since become a global business with over 25 million users and 3500 employees. Confidence in Zoho only continues to grow, as Zoho growth in 2017 continues to expand beyond what the company could have ever imagined.

We are proud to work so closely with brands and businesses who are scaling their own companies using Zoho, and we’re excited to see what the next 10 years brings to this software and our clients. To hop on board or to simply learn more, click here to start a conversation with our team.

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