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Zoho CRM Tutorial: Launch CRM in 2 Days and Streamline Sales

When hiring a new vendor or signing a contract with a software company, there can be feelings of both excitement and fear – excitement at the opportunity to have such a solution make your life easier, and fear at the concern that launching such a service or platform might take hours upon hours to get off the ground. Well, we’re here to tell you that when it comes to Zoho, you can launch Zoho CRM in as little as two days. Yes, you read that right. Two days.

How can we make this happen? Because here at ZBrains, we have the magic formula to launch your CRM quickly and efficiently – simply because we’ve done it hundreds and hundreds of times for our clients.

Zoho CRM Tutorial: Four Easy Steps to Launch Zoho CRM in Two Days

1. Plan.

During the planning stage, it is important to define your sales and overall business process, with both the data and actions at each stage of your sales process. Your sales manager and lead sales people should know this process like the back of their hand – they just need to put it on paper.

For example, consider the following:

  • What happens when a lead comes through your website?
  • Who should be on the initial introduction call?
  • What are the steps you need to take when a prospect turns into an opportunity or proposal?
  • Who signs off on a won deal?

You certainly have all of this information in your head – your team simply needs to integrate such plans into documents.

2. Specification.

Once you have documented your sales process, you should convert your process into a specification document, which lists each field by module, action, trigger, and user. Start with all the standard fields in Zoho CRM, then add your own custom fields, as well as remove the fields you’re not going to use from your specification document. Go through this process a few times as you’re specifying just to ensure that you haven’t missed a step. It always helps to document in the initial planning and specification stage as much as possible.

3. Build.

Now is the time to build and customize your CRM from your specification document. Granted, if your process involves custom programming, or if you don’t have any of the content, it might take a longer than 2 days to build, but just to get started, 90% of companies do not need custom programming for their sales process.

But that’s just an aside. Building the process and framework typically takes two days alone – and remember, you can always customize as your team learns and adapts the Zoho CRM platform.

Which brings us to…

4. Train.

After the system is actually built, you should conduct a Zoho training session with your users, as well as help them get acquainted with the new system. We always recommend recording training sessions as much as possible, so that your team can go back and re-watch after your official training sessions are held.

If your team is wondering how long an implementation process takes, you can rest knowing that the response is two days. To launch Zoho CRM within this timeframe takes into account that your team has come to the initial planning meeting with an idea of the sales process and other marketing content that is available. All information is good information! We can turn this into actionable strategy and tactics for your team while using Zoho CRM.

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