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4 ways the commission calculator saves time.

Commission Rate Calculator: Simplify Your Sales Process with ZBrains

Simplify with the ZBrains Commission Rate Calculator

When it comes to keeping your business afloat, there’s something that’s even more important than improving sales or internal processes: paying your employees on time. Of course, employees who aren’t paid on time generally aren’t so thrilled to be working, and even businesses with the most efficient processes can suffer from low employee morale if your staff aren’t paid on time. And, even if you do manage to make payroll with time to spare, how much time are you spending manually calculating commissions? And, how much time would you save if those calculations were all done for you?

The ZBrains commission calculator is designed to take the hard work out of your commissions process, and not only save you valuable time every sale, but potentially save your employees from ever worrying about when their next check will arrive.

Here are 4 ways our commission rate calculator makes for happy salespeople and happy profits!

zoho crm integrationSave Time and Customize

Manually tracking and calculating each salesperson’s commission can be time-consuming for your accounting department. Let the Commission Calculator do the work for you! Automate the various commission structures you employ, such as sliding scale, split, profit-based, and payment-based, or achieve maximum flexibility with commission override capabilities. You can also assign multiple structures to one employee if needed.

zoho surveyEliminate Human Error

We’re all human and we make mistakes. No two sales teams are the same in size and scope, just as no two commissions are the same in size and scope. When your accounting department is calculating commissions, there may be the occasional mistake made. With the Commission Calculator, the process behind calculating commissions has a standardized method, so you can guarantee that the parameters you set will yield the same results every time. Coupled with automation, you can eliminate many possibilities of human error while calculating commissions.

zoho crm integrationIncrease Your Mobility

The commission calculator process is so simple, approval can be done anywhere, with whatever device you choose. You can even assign bonuses and override previous approvals, all while on the go! Not to mention, it can integrate with your ERP system, allowing your accounting department streamlined and automated access to information.  This ensures you never have to wait to reward your employees, which will keep them happy!

zoho supportKeep Your Team Motivated

An added bonus is that you can include incentives and challenge employees with a little gamification to make sales goals fun and challenging. And, for those who aren’t so into games, the Zoho Creator portal add-on allows any sales team member access to their statistics on the fly, so they know exactly what their sales figures are at any given time.  With such ease of use, the commission calculator affords your sales team valuable time to spend on closing more deals, which in turn makes them (and you) more money, which in turn leads to more growth…which in turn leads to a happier, thriving business.

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