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Zoho’s System Security Capabilities – What You Need To Know

zoho security

When it comes to security with online software, you’ve likely heard it all. “Change your passwords“, says your Information Technology group. “Don’t connect to public Wi-Fi“, your colleagues suggest. Yet, with your CRM – Zoho, specifically – we are lucky that the platform has built-in, ready-made capabilities that will protect you and your business. Particularly, Zoho’s system security capabilities are second-to-none for Tech and Marketing teams alike.

But, why should your business even care about security?

Well, let us tell you a story about a little ol’ company named Sony.

Sony created a globally popular movie, The Interview, featuring Seth Rogan and James Franco. The Interview depicts two friends who run a popular tabloid show; these two friends pitch and land an interview with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. During this time, they are recruited by the CIA to turn their trip into an assassination mission. Naturally, North Korea (in real life) wasn’t impressed with this storyline. As the story goes, hackers who claimed to be from North Korea hacked Sony Corporation in one of the most popular cyberattacks in entertainment. From releasing salaries of Sony’s executives to spoiling the release of upcoming movies, to distributing medical information about Sony employees – the consequences of the hack were felt far and wide.

Yet, it was Sony Corporation who wasn’t prepared, and were completely unaware about what could happen if a company disregards security through online software. Needless to say, Sony changed their practices immediately, and focused on safety and security of their online software.

Now, your business might not be as large as Sony; but the principle remains the same. Safety and security of your online information is integral to the reputation of your business.

So, with that said, if your team uses Zoho, you can sleep well knowing that you are in safe hands with this software. Below, we’ll show you the system security capabilities you need to know, along with where they can be found in Zoho. Some features are through Zoho Vault, the online password manager for teams, and others are built right in Zoho CRM.

Zoho’s Security Capabilities: What You Need to Know
zoho security

1. Zoho securely stores passwords.

Application used: Zoho Vault

Passwords are encrypted with the strongest encryption standard (AES-256), which means that you can securely store passwords through the software without worrying about changing them frequently for safety and security.

There are many password solutions out there – from OnePass to Security Server Online. Yet, many are clunky and – to be quite frank – a pain to use. After all, who wants to log-in to multiple platforms only to reach one?

Zoho’s system security capabilities gives you the ability to securely store passwords should keep your Tech team at rest.

2. Track user actions.

Application used: Zoho CRM, Campaigns and Social 

If your company sends an email, tweet, updates a lead or tracks an opportunity, you want to track who does what, and when. For example, if your Marketing team creates a lead and your Sales Representative needs to know who performed this action, Zoho will tell you. Similarly, if you need to assign or re-distribute a password, your Tech team can see how and when this was done.

Tracking user actions allows your teams to see how and what changes were made, helping identify potential breaches if they are taking place.

3. Passwords are shared securely.

Application used: Zoho Vault

Within your team, you might share passwords through email, text or over the phone. But, you don’t need to worry when it comes to Zoho.*

You can define access privileges through the platform, meaning you can share passwords with team members quickly and easily online.

*PS: Never share private or sensitive information (like passwords) over email! This is integral to Zoho’s system security capabilities. 

zoho security

4. Database security.

Application used: Zoho CRM

Hackers attempting to reach CRM systems and databases happen frequently. Much like the example of Sony Corporation above, it’s important to have security systems and checks in place.

With Zoho’s CRM database, encrypted data (AES-256 bit) is always sent over the internet. In addition, the connection is through SSL. This makes safety and security a priority and focus within Zoho.

5. Control access.

Application used: Zoho Vault

Zoho makes it easy for big teams to securely share passwords and access. Instead of sharing passwords or providing access to 100+ individuals on just that – an individual basis – Zoho allows uses to provide passwords to users and groups in bulk and deny access when a user is removed.

By using Zoho CRM, Campaigns, Vault and more, it’s clear that safety and security is a priority when it comes to this software. Whatever the case might be, and regardless of your company’s industry, security needs to be at the forefront of all business decisions.

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