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Use a Project Manager for CRM Implementation

CRM Implementation Tip #10 | Use a Project Manager


If you’ve found this article, there’s a good chance you  know a few basics about getting your new CRM system deployed and running as it should. However, even if everything goes as planned, there’s one other thing you can do that will really cement everything together. It’s also very likely to improve morale for everyone involved.  Not quite a magic bullet, but, it’s darn close.


CRM project managerBe Successful the First Time With a Project Manager.


It’s understandable if you can’t be the one to take this bull by the horns and ensure that all implementation steps are completed in a timely way – after all, you’ve got a business to run.  


Hiring a project manager, or selecting a capable champion within your company to take charge can work wonders for generating enthusiasm among employees. This resource can help with more than answering their questions. They can also act as a liaison between you (or your teams) and your IT department (or your deployment consultants).

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Selecting a CRM Project Manager


When selecting a Project Manager from among the ranks of your company, do be sure to pick someone with a sense of authority (read: management skills) and a good amount of charisma. They will need both in order to motivate both your employees and the people behind the implementation itself!


It helps if they also have some experience with your business processes.


The reasons for picking someone with those personality traits are clear: someone with management skills will know how to deliver tasks to your deployment team in a way the team can understand. They also provide it with structure so the team adheres to a schedule.  As well, if that person is charismatic, they will be able to paint the chosen CRM migration in a positive light. They will motivate fellow employees to do their part to ensure the implementation goes smoothly.



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