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Your CRM Should Support Your Sales Cycle

CRM Quick Start Tip #1: Align CRM with Sales Cycle

If you’ve already started your project, or are starting your research here, this CRM Implementation Quick Start Tip to examine your sales cycle to determine what you really need is crucial.

CRM Implementation Tip #1

Getting honest about your business needs and goals is a really important consideration. 

Out of the box, CRMs usually contain lots of functionality. At the core you likely require a CRM to support your sales cycle. With most systems, you’ll have the ability to enter companies and contacts. In addition, you will be able to convert them from leads to active customers. You can record notes about them, associate emails and sales orders with them…and likely, countless other bells and whistles you might not have known about.

Maybe your business doesn’t require all that functionality. If you run an insurance agency, for example, your needs may be perfectly satisfied with just half of those rudimentary features. Perhaps you may be able to do away with (or hide) several of the default modules inside your CRM entirely! You’re not losing functionality, in fact, these decisions to keep CRM aligned with your business can foster user adoption.

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CRM Questions to Ask About Your Sales Cycle

To determine the modules you need in CRM to support your sales cycle, begin with an outline of your exact sales cycle. Include all steps from prospective company (or lead) to contact. Start by answering each of these questions about your sales cycle: 

  • Do you run a phone-based business, or do you do more email marketing?  
  • Do you have a good deal of repeat business, or do your customers only see you once?
  • Do you require different sales processes for different products / services you offer?
  • What channels do you use to communicate with your clients?
  • If your cycle is known, then have you already defined your entire sales process, but have trouble tracking it?
  • What KPI’s SHOULD you track to move the needle, and can your system currently do so?

Different styles of communication and different sales processes require different kinds of fields inside your CRM. So do repeat customers versus one-time clients. At ZBrains, we specialize in Zoho, but we believe this information is compatible with all CRMs because of their very nature.

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