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ZBrains' Zoho VoIP: Future of Unified Comms for Business


Unified Communications

Are you lacking email and Zoho VoIP telephony data across your business systems, causing a lack of confidence?

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Unified communications systems keep your business totally in sync, great for employees’ communication and management’s reporting alike.  But, why does setting up these systems sometimes plague businesses that are just trying to grow?

An improper communications system setup easily leads to an overall wrong impression of your customers and your business as a whole.

We’ve been there too.  The truth is most unified communications software handles a lot, so it’s quite complicated.  There’s your email communication, telephony in Zoho CRM, SMS, or text messages… And, getting everything set up properly can be understandably difficult. But, that doesn’t mean it should be, or it has to be.

Unified communications should be simple.

Don’t give your staff a disconnected way of communicating at work while using Zoho. Instead, clean it up and tie it all together with these services.


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RingCentral VOIP Services

Zoho might be working great for you, but wouldn’t it be even greater if you could see your team’s phone and communication activities in the CRM?

There are plenty of reasons to use RingCentral VOIP for Zoho telephony: reducing overhead on software and hardware, supporting more calls, and a cornucopia of features like automatic call logging, recording, and reporting. Let us help you integrate RingCentral with your Zoho apps (including CRM and Desk), so you can worry less about call activities and focus more on managing other facets of your business.

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Twilio SMS Services

Want an easy, quick way to connect with your customers and prospects?

SMS messaging through Twilio is the way to go, and using an enterprise-grade texting solution ensures your messages are delivered and you’re not spamming your contacts. All messages are logged to the CRM for easy reference, too

Ready to see how Twilio SMS would look in your system? Let's help you get ahead!

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G Suite Services

As one of the premier cloud-based business platforms, using G Guite and integrating it with your Zoho platform is as enticing today as it ever was. Migrating users, data, and the like isn’t always an easy process – and as a Google Apps reseller and experienced G Suite implementer, we’re happy to assist you in the process. Use us for a one-time migration, or we’ll even manage your whole G Suite for you.

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MS Office 365 Services

Microsoft is likely a name you’ve trusted for years, if not decades. How nice would it be to connect your MS Office suite with Zoho CRM for a more integrated experience?

You can sync emails, contacts, and more across platforms - but, it can be taxing to set up if you haven’t done it before or you’re short on time.

Instead, let us help you with it.

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