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Crexendo’s Salesforce Switch: A Better, Cost-effective System

Crexendo Inc. needed help migrating from Salesforce to another, better CRM. Paying the Salesforce CRM price was crippling the business, so their Director of Information Technology Phillip Alger was tasked with finding a new CRM within 90 days. Ultimately, he and his team chose Zoho, working with Zoho CRM, Zoho Desk, Sign, Creator, Forms, and Social, among others. 72 licensed users from Crexendo currently enjoy the many benefits of the Zoho platform.

The core problem for Crexendo was their overhead spent on the expensive Salesforce software. In order to complete development their team required special training, and they did not have a Salesforce developer on staff. This led them to search for a contractor outside the company to make changes and upgrades. In the end, the cost of hiring outside drove them to look for another, better and more cost-effective product.

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