Greenspire Case Study

Case Study


Greenspire is a national residential savings program specialist, based in Southern California. Greenspire works directly with the local utilities, communications, and lending companies, facilitating multiple home savings programs. The company offers a wide variety of incentive- driven programs so that its customers typically pay no money out of pocket. A little over 18 months ago, Greenspire approached James Converse from ZBrains, a Zoho consulting partner, to help grow the company by providing business process consulting and tools from Zoho.  By deploying a combination of Zoho CRM, Creator and Motivator and implementing an overhaul in the company’s approach to sales and service, Greenspire has grown from its humble beginnings with just its two founders to over 150 employees


businessicon The Business
Greenspire opened its doors in 2012 in Los Angeles.  Apart from its headquarters, the company boasts five satellite offices and hundreds of marketing and sales representatives that span across the entire California and Arizona markets.  David Murray, the CEO of Greenspire, took an idea – that people were paying too much for their utilities – and turned it into the booming business he oversees today in just three years.


introductionicon Introduction
In 2013, Greenspire CEO David Murray had a fledgling financial services business with an aggressive vision for growth, but no customers and no system in place to manage them once they started to roll in. Fortunately, the company’s primary services offering to utility companies resonated well with homeowners and business owners, and sales streamed in quickly. And, with the new business to fit Murray’s vision, he came across an obvious pain point: no way to manage any part of the business in a cost-effective, scalable way.


challengeicon The Challenge
Before Greenspire implemented a customized version of Zoho CRM, the company had no system in place to track and analyze their sales process and its true effectiveness. How long did it take to close a deal from inbound lead enquiry to signing a contract? Who were the most profitable customers? Which salespeople were most effective and diligent in following up on leads? Nobody knew…

“We needed a way to improve our KPIs as much as possible by tracking, managing and analyzing the volume of new data coming in.” explains Murray about the business. Of course, with no way to analyze that information, Murray knew that it would be impossible to make informed business decisions, especially as the business was already expanding rapidly.

It was time to do something about it.

Greenspire needed a system that could handle the day to day sales operations with a growing sales staff – already over 30 at that point. The company also needed a powerful-but-intuitive analytics component to the system that could scale as their business continued to grow. Since no one on the team were CRM experts or had much experience with data analysis, they also needed the system to be easy to implement, use, and grow with the company over time.

solutionicon Finding A Solution
Before deciding to implement Zoho CRM, Greenspire had seriously considered a few different options including Zoho competitors Salesforce and Quickbase.  Price certainly contributed to Murray’s decision since Zoho offered nearly all of the features of Salesforce at a fraction of the cost.  But, what enticed Murray even more was Zoho’s attractive user interface that was not only easy to use, but would allow for simple field changes and customizations without having to call a Salesforce consultant – or worse, a programmer!  Murray was also impressed with the depth of the application and its many integration points with other Zoho apps. In a nutshell, they recognized that Zoho CRM would allow them to evolve their skills and scale the system as needed.

Murray selected  ZBrains to lead the implememtation effort because of a strong endorsement from Zoho, as well as the consultant’s “quick start” program which allowed for an inexpensive deployment model based on a flat fee. Murray needed something quick and turnkey, but knew that there would be more services needed down the road as their use of the system expanded. .

resultsicon Implementation & Results

“With the business growing so quickly, Zoho has become absolutely instrumental to Greenspire’s success. It will clearly play a crucial role in the company’s future,” says Murray.  The initial phase of the CRM implementation took a scant two weeks – an impressive timeline given the degree of urgency and the amount of data they were already dealing with. “ZBrains and James Converse in particular really impressed us with his knowledge of not only Zoho, but our business, and how Zoho could fit into the big picture. However,” Murray admits, “we were still learning our business at the time, so we didn’t realize the true usefulness of Zoho until later.” However, as the business has scaled up in recent months, ZBrains was able to introduce Greenspire to different Zoho apps (Zoho Creator, Zoho Reports, and Zoho Motivator), as well as their own SmartScheduler – and, these have helped streamline their sales process tremendously.
“Zoho allows us to manage people remotely,” explains David Murray, elaborating on how Zoho has grown with his company and complemented his business model. “Ninety percent of our staff is outside our office; Zoho allows us to plug in to what they’re doing at any time and gives us ways to optimize their results. It’s a huge value proposition to us.”



"It's an inexpensive solution to help manage different parts of a business. As for whether or not I'd recommend using Zoho, it depends on the company, but yes. If you mean a high user count company, then absolutely."