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It’s time for you to start achieving new heights with Zoho!

Sounds like you’ve been using Zoho for a while now, and you want to do more with it. This is a sweet spot we really love! Is now the time for you to:

  • Connect outside apps to Zoho,
  • Finally set up custom dashboards & reports,
  • Or set up a proven custom app for your manufacturing, distribution, or field-services organization?

We’ve got the expertise to help you succeed with Zoho!

At ZBrains, we’re full-service Certified Zoho Consultants, and we’ve been helping Zoho users like you since 2012.



Ever needed two different programs to sync data between themselves? We have just the tool for you.

AgilitySync is our own ETL (extract, transform, load) platform, integrating the applications you use to pass data back and forth with ease. That way, you spend less time entering data twice – and potentially making mistakes doing it – and more time simply managing your business or finances.

Ready to see how this could work for your software?

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Custom Reports & Dashboards

Zoho apps are known for their great reporting ability, but sometimes you need reports that just aren't standard - and without them, you can't track important business metrics.

We've put together many custom reports in Zoho, and we'd be happy to assist you with yours as well, so get exactly the information you need at any time.

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Custom Zoho Apps

Do you have a business need that only a custom Zoho app can fulfill?

Sometimes, that need being met can spell the difference between sinking or swimming with Zoho. We’re happy to say we’ve helped with that before – and, we’d love to help you with it too.

Zoho Creator provides its users (and us) a huge advantage in that it’s such a flexible platform. It allows us to account for many business needs that standard Zoho apps simply don’t do, and offer a library of custom applications built on Creator. We’ve designed many custom apps for clients, including a vertical solution for service, manufacturing, and technology companies called FieldTech.

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