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Don’t Rush CRM Deployment

CRM Implementation Tip  #7 | Don’t Rush CRM Deployment


We’re all imperfect and even the most meticulously planned project doesn’t go live without at least a little need for adjustment. We share this so it’s not a surprise when your system doesn’t work exactly how it should the very first day you go live. 


Our best advice is: Don’t rush deployment; make sure everything works like it should.

CRM Testing pre-deployment

There will be a few hiccups. Some common first-day needs and troubles with a new CRM implementation can include: 

  • Understanding the CRM use processes themselves
  • Answering errant questions missed in training
  • Retraining team members on some aspects of the CRM
  • Finding the data you were sure you migrated correctly  


Don’t worry!  These sorts of speed bumps are absolutely normal during the first few days of  a CRM deployment or an implementation of any new program.

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Cutting down on new implementation ‘hiccups’


To help minimize the effects of speed bumps, it’s a great idea to ease into implementation. Have a plan at the start to address this. Spread it out as much as you possibly can while keeping your budget in consideration. 


You may spend a little extra on testing and training time. However, the benefit of knowing you’ve made sure your new system works exactly how it should is invaluable and cuts down on something you probably have a lot of: business-related stress! This includes additional rework with your implementation parter, re-training staff, lost productivity due to staff inexperienced with the new system, and lack of user adoption. 


Take the time to deploy your new CRM correctly, making sure everything is working as intended and that your teams are trained, and you’ll certainly reap the benefits later.


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