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When in Doubt, Keep Your CRM Simple

CRM Implementation Tip #8 | When in doubt, keep things simple

By now you likely know that CRM deployment isn’t quite as simple as you may have first thought. Your research may have shed a bit of light on problems you weren’t aware of, or made you remember more clearly some implementation problems you’d thought of before.

For a process that’s invariably complex, there’s one thing that always holds true:

Simplify CRM ImplementationWhen in doubt, keep things simple.

The time you implement a new CRM is a great time to re-think your data entry and information-sharing procedures. Ask yourself, “How much information do I need entered in the new system to achieve the desired outcome?”

Perhaps you’ve used a legacy system for years that has data fields in it that have become obsolete. Have you been faced with the task of including only some of your current CRM’s information in your new system?

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How can you simplify CRM Implementation?

These situations are good because they force you to think in ways you may not have thought before.  

  • Which of the fields in your CRM will you actually need to use?  
  • Can you consolidate any information at play?
  • What data could you archive elsewhere? 
  • If certain information simply isn’t needed, it’s best to hide it behind the scenes.
  • In cases where absolutely sure no one will need it, do away with it entirely.

As well, if it turns out someone in your company needs to see more information, it’s easy to give certain users access to that information once again. With exceptional planning, and pairing down unnecessary data, you may reap the rewards of greater efficiency with your new system. 

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