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With more than 45 applications and so many overlapping functionalities, it can be hard to know where to start. But don’t worry, ZBrains can help you:

  • Maximize the value of Zoho One by implementing organization wide,
  • Are working to integrate a 3rd party system, including common financial systems,
  • Find integrated solutions for field services, manufacturing, and distribution processes.

We’ve got the expertise to help you succeed with Zoho!

At ZBrains, we’re full-service Certified  Zoho Consultants, and we’ve been helping new Zoho users like you since 2012.


Zoho One Implementation

To ensure you are maximizing your investment in Zoho One, ZBrains recommends a feasibility study to start. What processes are you currently using, and how well do they fit or translate to Zoho One solutions? As we mentioned, there are more than 45 Zoho applications available via Zoho One, and several have overlapping functionalities.

Undertaking this endeavor yourself is both time consuming and potentially confusing. And we do this all the time. The BPA, or business process analysis, is integral to a successful Zoho implementation. That’s why every ZBrains consulting project starts with it.

Understanding how your business runs is the best way to begin solving for issues. We take a step back to examine your business. Then, our experts determine what is working, what is not, and how Zoho solutions can make positive upgrades to your organization.

During a BPA with ZBrains, we spend time with key team members to understand requirements and current systems. We consolidate your business operations into a centralized platform with Zoho One as the hub, and give you a strategy that can be executed with precision to create a successful business plan that increases user adoption and maximizes your investment in Zoho.

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Zoho Finance

Zoho Finance provides a single platform to handle invoicing, send automatic payment reminders, log business expenses, and even manage subscription payments. You can manage it all under one umbrella - from order to invoice - without opening ten browser tabs at once. Whether it’s you at the helm or your finance manager, you’re sure to be less stressed.

But, what’s the best way of getting that configured for your business? Rely on ZBrains' expertise!

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FieldTech ERP

When you’ve worked with service companies as long as we have, you start to notice common problems. Then you naturally want to think of ways to help the companies that have those problems. From that idea, FieldTech ERP was born! FieldTech provides a hub for field service operations, construction, manufacturing, and technology/SaaS companies to manage all aspects of their business. From quoting and scheduling to inventory management, production and more, we can show you how to handle it all.

Why not start to reap the rewards of running a business like yours? We’ll show you how the software can help you do just that!

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