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Zoho Project Success: Understanding ZBrains’ Implementation Process

When you’re in the process of researching partners for your next Zoho project, CRM implementation, or Zoho integration, it’s important to understand how your selected partner works. You’ll want to understand how much involvement is required from you and your team, and what to expect at each stage. ZBrains believes in transparency and partnership throughout our project process, working with you and your team from the start to ensure good outcomes. We want to be sure that your business can meet its goals again and again with the help of systems from Zoho, and this method has proven successful.

Let’s dive into the process, and don’t miss the infographic outline at the end of this article!

The ZBrains Business Process Analysis and Project Approach

Zoho project meetingFirst, we start with our Business Process Analysis [BPA]. We will sit with your team, and over several hours we review your business process together. This includes your wants and needs, and current systems. This gives us the best view of how you are currently working and what opportunities exist to do better.

With this information the ZBrains team spends a few more hours on our own analyzing what we’ve learned to determine the best Zoho solutions and an implementation approach that suits your business.

When you’ve reviewed and accepted the project proposal, we’ll start the work. Here’s how a ZBrains Zoho project comes to life!

• Zoho Project Specification

“Measure twice, cut once” applies here because before anything is built, we make a spec doc based on all your input and our findings during the BPA. It houses all the details that our developers will use going forward.

• ZBrains Implementation Blueprint

Next, we build a draft, or a sort of blueprint of your Zoho implementation. This includes all of the inputs, or places to house the data you need your system to capture in order to effectively operate your business.

Once the inputs are in place, ZBrains begins to build all of the outputs you need. This includes reports, documents, pages, and the rest of the things you require to communicate the work that your Zoho system does.

ZBrains Implementation Process

• Project Integration

Then it’s time to put all of the pieces together! We create all of the wiring needed to integrate your solution, including workflow automation and business logic.

The integration part of your solution is where you gain efficiencies and can potentially simplify or automate rote work.

• Zoho Project Implementation

When your build is complete, next up is implementation:

  • We work through user acceptance testing (UAT) to ensure that your requirements are met.
  • Your team gets involved with training, so they’re ready to use the new system.
  • Your experience will uncover needs and inform change management, so we can get everything just right.
  • When that is set, ZBrains migrates your up-to-date data to the new system.
  • We plan a launch, and your Zoho system goes live!

The good news is that after implementation, you’re not left on your own. ZBrains stays connected for support and post-care so that your Zoho implementation is successful for the long haul!

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