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Zoho SalesIQ: 3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Sales and Marketing Strategies

Just How Far Does a Little Chat Go?

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Zoho SalesIQ is a fantastic way to get your customers talking and drive your sales up.  It might not be obvious why that is right away, though.  Here’s what’s going on:

Every day, thousands of people crawl the web searching for businesses just like yours.  Maybe they even find them.  …Maybe they even find you.  But, then, what do you do?

Maybe some of those customers convert without you lifting a finger.  Your website could look gorgeous, attract all the right traffic, and even have a logical path that potential customers can follow, one that can (and sometimes does) lead to a conversion without any intervention on your part.

But, the tacit approach isn’t going to win everyone over.  Some people need a little push in the right direction.  A little conversation.  You’re going to need to chat them up to make them yours.

Enter Zoho SalesIQ.

Why Zoho SalesIQ?

Zoho SalesIQ is Zoho’s prospect communication module.  It allows people in your company to chat directly with people viewing your website, which, when done at the correct times, can mean the difference between a few curious (but ultimately indecisive) lookie-lous and a few purchases.

But, why use Zoho SalesIQ specifically?  There are tons of other chat modules available.  Why choose this one?

zoho salesiq prioritized leads

1.  Zoho SalesIQ allows for prioritizing (scoring) your leads

For businesses that attract a good deal of traffic, this is huge.  For want of a better example, imagine for a moment that it’s 1998 and you’re the owner of a Furby distributorship.  You’ve just opened the doors to your very first retail outlet, and, it’s causing a huge commotion in your strip mall.  With all the fanfare, not only are serious buyers heading in in droves, but everyone off the street is also stopping by to witness the chaos.  You’re selling quite a few Furbys, obviously, but, you’re running into a bunch of people in your store who aren’t really sure what Furbys are, don’t have the money to buy them, or, are planning to take your Furby quote to the next-nearest retailer and demand a price match.

You think to yourself, Life is pretty good today, but, it would be even better if I only ran into serious buyers and other people carrying more than $50 on them, and, none of these other people!

In effect, by using lead scoring from Zoho SalesIQ, this is exactly the type of situation you’re helping to create.

Lead scoring is a way of separating the wheat from the chaff, as it were.  With Zoho SalesIQ, everyone gets to see your website, of course – but, lead scoring lets you prioritize your potential customers in a way that’s completely up to you by giving them points for each criteria of yours they meet.  The more points they have, the closer they’re allowed to come to you, and, if you’re getting bombarded, you’ll know to engage the good visitors first and get to the others later, if you want.

Here’s how scoring might work:

Did you just start an email campaign?  You can give people who accessed your page from one of those messages a higher score to denote their interest in your products.  Want to go after people who’ve spent more than two minutes looking at your website?  More than five minutes?  You can also give those visitors a higher score.  The more criteria your customers meet, the higher their score, and, the closer they get to you, figuratively; you can spend more time engaging those people on Zoho SalesIQ instead of engaging people who have less potential to buy from you at all.

zoho salesiq integration

2. Zoho SalesIQ plugs directly into Zoho CRM

Any time you can integrate one customer-oriented part of your business with your main customer hub, your CRM, you’re going to reap benefits.  SalesIQ’s CRM integration ability lets you do a couple of things that aren’t possible with a standalone chat module:

  • Start sending emails and alerts right away
    • With an integration to Zoho CRM, Zoho SalesIQ can transfer customer data directly to your CRM, making it easy to add them to email campaigns, and otherwise keep track of their progress through your pipeline in a more universal sense than would be possible with a standalone chat system.
  • Save a great deal of time
    • Zoho CRM integration means you spend more time interacting with customers and less time – well, no time at all, precisely – manually entering lead information into your CRM, because Zoho SalesIQ transfers information to your Zoho CRM with the click of a button.  For businesses with many qualified customers finding them every day, this feature is absolutely invaluable.
  • Recall and analyze the past with ease
    • Memory a little fuzzy on that last conversation you had with the 20th prospect of the day?  Zoho SalesIQ’s chat logging feature combined with access to past data from Zoho CRM allows you to make decisions you couldn’t have made before, such as placing your customer into an “interested” email campaign list from a “lukewarm” list.  Perfect for anyone who has more than a couple of conversations each day.

3.  Zoho SalesIQ’s mobile compatibility means you’ll never miss a potential connection

Obviously, almost anything can be made better when you’re doing it from the comfort of your living room as opposed to the unyielding chair of your office.  Engaging your customers is certainly no exception to this rule.

With Zoho SalesIQ’s mobile compatibility, you can have conversations with your customers outside of work, too – during a walk outside, a TV commercial, or even a lousy date.  (Priorities!)  Combine this mobile capability with aforementioned lead scoring and CRM integration, and it really is like bringing your customer base – the core of your entire business – with you, right in the palm of your hand.

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Zoho SalesIQ is clearly a wise choice

Hopefully this sheds a little light on a common problem some businesses have: Even in the best of times, they might be wasting lots of valuable resources talking to the wrong people, manually entering data, or missing lots of good connections – or not talking to potential customers at all!

Zoho SalesIQ takes the mystery out of your process.  Whether or not to engage your customers smartly (by prioritizing), efficiently (by integrating), or easily (by using mobile capability) shouldn’t be decisions you have to make – they shouldn’t even enter the equation.  Leave those details to Zoho SalesIQ and you’ll find you’ll focus less on the things slowing you down and more on what you do best: communicating with customers who really want to buy from you.

Want to see what SalesIQ’s all about?  Contact us at (888) 207-4111 for dedicated support and we’ll show you how it works and give you a personalized training session as well.

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