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How is Zoho CRM better than Salesforce for SMB?


How is Zoho CRM better than Salesforce for SMB?


Zoho as your best CRM Choice

If you are a small or medium business searching for a cost-effective but powerful solution for CRM with an accounting integration feature, some automation, data security, and Google App integration, then you should consider implementing Zoho CRM. As a relatively new player in comparison to Salesforce, you may be skeptical until you read this article.


The most important aspect for most small businesses is the bottom line cost. If two options exist that offer relatively similar features, the one that is 50% less in cost is the natural choice. This is the exact reason why Zoho has been gaining market share for their software, which is priced aggressively and includes much of the same features if not more than Salesforce at the same price points.

What’s even more important is the fact that Zoho offers a simple ‘pay-as-you-go’ model avoiding what most businesses fear; vendor lock-in. If you want to try out a solution, generally you do not want to be locked in for a year. Zoho’s monthly option allows you to give it a trial without wasting valuable cash flow over a longer period of time. Salesforce, however, ensures a lock-in period of at least one year. The fact that Zoho is 1/5th the cost of Salesforce, does not lock you in, provides similar features and is an easy- to-implement solution makes it the clear choice for small and medium businesses.

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Leading Feature Set

At a fraction of the cost of Salesforce you may question the power of features that Zoho Online CRM can offer, yet you would be surprised that it still compares well to Salesforce. The pay-as-you-go model for Zoho also refers to the fact that you can choose only which plug-ins you need, paying only for what you use. Even with most of the plug-ins, the price is still generally less than a comparable package with Salesforce. The leading features that Zoho offers includes software updates as they are rolled out, Zoho support during implementation and deployment, mobile access, an intuitive web interface that is easy to use and implement, customizable interface to match your own company’s workflow, automation of key aspects of your business processes and the ability to export your data anytime.

These are on top of the standard features you have come to expect from a CRM with such a flexible and detailed customer relationship management. Included features are prioritizing your sales activities, automating your sales force, tracking sales, engaging clients through email and social CRM, all within Zoho CRM.

Easy Implementation

Requiring a week of setup and training is just not possible in some small and medium enterprises. Instead of hiring an IT expert to help you implement your new CRM, which is often the case needed with Salesforce, you can implement Zoho CRM into your software environment and start using it usually within the first day. Of course, full customization and implementation may take a few days but this process is simple and easy with Zoho CRM’s intuitive online interface. Also, our team of Zoho Certified consultants can help you integrate your CRM with other ERP software environments such as Sage quickly and efficiently as well, and even offer specialized CRM training sessions for you and your team.

As an SME you need to weigh your options for performance and automation against the bottom line cost. The best option is generally a program that meets most of your needs as well as your budget. Outgrowing Zoho for Salesforce three or five years later is a good problem to have.

Integrations Galore

Like Salesforce, Zoho comes with a wide variety of integrations – and not just 3rd-party ones. Zoho’s family of apps includes CRM, Zoho Books (for handling finances as well as orders and invoices for customers), Zoho Campaigns (for email marketing management), and many others.  Zoho even offers a whole suite of apps called Zoho One, which contains over 40 apps.  Zoho One is available for just $35/user/month, a far less expensive choice than Salesforce.  Add in Zoho’s platform as a service, Zoho Creator (similar to, and you have a myriad of integration options, including custom Zoho ERP software integrations.

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Still can’t decide?  We’ll talk you through it honestly

Looking for someone to help you make the decision between Zoho vs Salesforce? Feel free to drop us a line at (888) 207-4111 and one of our certified CRM experts would be happy to work with you to define the best solution for your business!

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