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Zoho VS GoldMine and the cloud

Zoho VS GoldMine CRM – How They Stack Up!

In the days of cryptomining, is all that glitters really gold? Cryptocurrency may just be a buzzword to some, but it shows just how inclusive the internet is when looking for solutions to different problems! CRM solutions are no different, and we know you have plenty of options at your fingertips – we won’t pretend to think otherwise. In fact, before we bring you onto our team as partners, we want you to explore various solutions; we’re so confident in Zoho, we know that they’ll offer the best solution to you every single time.  We are setting our biases aside to compare Zoho VS GoldMine CRM and give you an honest comparison between the two regarding safety & security, integrations, performance, and of course costs.

Zoho VS GoldMine CRM – which one will help your business soar to the cloud(s)?

Zoho vs GoldMineSafety & Security

When comparing Zoho VS GoldMine CRM, or any CRM for that matter, security is key. Zoho is stacked with nearly 30 million users worldwide, from small to large organizations, so security is paramount.  If you run one of the oldest versions of GoldMine CRM, you’re aware of administrator “master rights” and how admin rights protect your precious information on your server. GoldMine’s newer, cloud-based iteration doesn’t provide many details on its security – but, it is clear that you are not actually reliant on GoldMine CRM for that data security, but on another provider. Zoho holds ISP/IEC 27001 global level security standards (tested independently) as well as SOC compliance. Not to mention, they outline their security measures to assure you that your information is well protected.

The Winner: Zoho


Zoho vs GoldMineIntegrations and Compatability

Zoho partners are positively flooded with requests to integrate outside applications with Zoho, or even create new apps within the Zoho environment, and there’s no end to that in sight. Zoho’s comprehensive package of apps called Zoho One offers 40+ integrations to start! That includes nearly anything you can imagine for a business, from accounting and inventory to sales and human resources. Conversely, for GoldMine CRM, integrations are somewhat limited: QuickBooks and Windows (presumably the environment on which you’d install GoldMine) are your top options. However, as a cloud solution, Zoho is able to run on many common browsers, including Safari 4 and above, Chrome 17 and above, Mozilla Firefox 17 and above, and Internet Explorer 9 and above. All of Zoho is also mobile- and tablet-ready, whereas GoldMine CRM has to rely on middleware, called Dejacloud, to add this capability.

The Winner: Zoho


Zoho vs GoldMinePerformance

GoldMine CRM may have been top-of-the-line at one point, but today its outdated interface requires more server-related maintenance just to upkeep – which is typical of on-premise systems – and this is work that most businesses find they just don’t have time to do any longer.  On the other hand, Zoho and its suite of apps are completely cloud-based, which means all server maintenance is handled by Zoho themselves (hence the monthly fees you pay to use the software).  Accessing Zoho CRM via the web means you need only have a working internet connection to have all the capability you need – no costly dedicated servers, or dedicated IT professionals (at least in this regard).  Of course, every website has bugs from time to time, and hardly any are up 100% of the time – but, putting liability in the hands of someone else – and knowing that the company liable for maintaining your software also does it for millions of other users at the same time – should instill a fair bit of confidence in Zoho.

The Winner: Zoho


Zoho vs GoldMinePrice

Depending on your needs, both GoldMine CRM and Zoho offer a range of solutions for small businesses to large enterprises, so pricing is difficult to boil down. However, to put it succinctly:

  • GoldMine offers both a client-server (“Own It) model, and a cloud-based model that begins at $60/mo per user for basic features.
  • Zoho One’s all-inclusive subscription begins at $45/mo per user, and a very basic Standard CRM package beginning at $20/mo per user.


The Winner: Zoho

Zoho vs GoldMine

Trust us, we know this is a lot and may not begin to scratch the surface of your questions when thinking of switching or choosing CRMs. If you’ve been using GoldMine CRM for some time, switching it up entirely may seem especially daunting. But, learning about other options as a first step before diving in headlong doesn’t have to be.

To learn more about Zoho, or continue the conversation about Zoho VS GoldMine, give us a call at (888) 207-4111 or click the button below and we will contact you! We are proud to be a Zoho Premium Partner and are ready to help you make the move to this CRM that will be an ideal fit for your business.


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Zoho ShowTime is a virtual training solution made for the digital age to bring presentations online

Zoho Showtime: Virtual Training for the Digital Age

Passing knowledge from one party to another can encompass a wide range of emotions, from the banal to the bang-up. But often – especially as collective attention spans dwindle to an average of 8 seconds – these tend towards the first option, and this makes it difficult to get anything worthwhile done during a presentation at all. Zoho knows about these struggles, and they’ve come up with a handy way of not only delivering engaging presentation content to your audience, but letting you know exactly how to improve so you never miss a beat again. Zoho ShowTime is a virtual training solution made for the digital age.


Here’s how Zoho ShowTime will change the way you present!

showtime scheduling screenshotReach Out to Anyone, Anywhere

Whether you are an educator, trainer, or presenter, planning training sessions and presentations of any kind can be strenuous, especially so if you have attendees from different corners of the globe. Last minute travel and meeting space arrangements can be costly and ultimately unproductive. However, with Zoho ShowTime you can include everyone you need present through both audio and video conferencing. You can bring your presentation to the fingertips of your attendees through their personal computers or their mobile devices, making it easy to engage them wherever they – and you – are.

Standardize Training

If you have a large audience or many team members working remotely, it can be difficult to get everyone in the same room for a training session. Zoho ShowTime solves this problem! Whether it be for large groups or face-to-face sessions, ShowTime allows you to get everyone on board and give the same attention and information to your entire audience, ensuring you don’t have any knowledge gaps from one attendee to the next.

Customize For Your Needs

ShowTime simplifies the scheduling and registration process, allowing you to invite all trainees virtually and making it much easier for those who aren’t present physically. Zoho ShowTime allows you to customize and name your sessions as needed, as well as gain valuable insight on your attendees with specialized registration forms. You can further customize your experience by using the ShowTime plug-in for PowerPoint, which allows for creating entire presentations outside the standard ShowTime platform.

showtime active engagement pollsInteractive Training Environment

Worried about losing your attendees’ attention during your session? ShowTime’s interactive environment makes everything much more interesting for your audience. Presentation attendees can virtually “like” slides within a presentation, use the in-app chat, or respond to you directly with a virtual Q&A. You can also create live audience polls with multiple choice questions, ratings, and text-box responses. With screen sharing, attendees can review prior slides to clarify ideas, make connections, and enhance their learning.

Content Library and Knowledge Base

Once your presentation is over, it can be difficult to recall what you learned afterward. To remedy this, you can save presentations to the ShowTime course library or knowledge base for future use, along with any polls you administered – or, you can make past content available on your personal profile. Shareable links make it easy to pass content around on social media, so you can use it to further relationships with new clients who may be interested in your work!

Analytics and Feedbackshow time analytics dashoboard

And for the grand finale, analytics on engagement! ShowTime will track any session details to give you more insight into where you did, or did not, connect with your audience. Detailed analytics and reports are based on poll and chat engagement, likes, and ratings. Analytics and feedback will help you gauge the effectiveness of your training efforts to help you to improve future sessions!

There is a free version of Zoho Showtime available, with paid plans starting at $7 per user per month. Interested in learning in learning more? We are Zoho certified consultants here to help. Give us a call at (888) 207-4111 or click the button below to have us call you!


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Prepare You Business for the New Year 2018 Office party

10 Ways to Prepare Your Business for the New Year

As 2018 looms just ahead, the activity du jour in our personal lives is the new year’s resolution.  These resolutions usually come without much thought, and fittingly they rarely come to fruition.  However, as a business owner you think about a good deal more than simple resolutions: your needs are complex, and they depend upon the activities – and indeed, the needs – of other people and things in your organization.  So, your resolutions require the planning necessary to take all those things into account.  

Organizing the needs of your entire business can seem like a daunting task, but we’ve put the best 10 points together to get you started off on the right foot, and to make sure your new year’s resolution for your company is backed by solid processes and reasoning, a resolution you can truly keep.

Here are 10 Tips for Preparing Your Business for the New Year!

Gears1. Review Your Year

First and Foremost, take a look at your company as a whole. No matter what type of business you have, taking a look at your business performance and infrastructure is vital to creating a strategy for the new year. From sales metrics to manufacturing costs, it’s important to know where you’ve been to determine where you are going. Reviewing your year will help you create a secure infrastructure and better understand your company’s growth, scalability, and potential weaknesses.  This could mean surveying different department heads, or reviewing past performance reports in your CRM to gauge where you might be headed in 2018.

2. Review Customer Experience

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your customers and survey them about their experience with your company. It will help you determine if there are any shortcomings when it comes to customer happiness and help improve these for the coming year. This is also a great time to ask for testimonials from your happy customers, and perhaps sending out an accompanying survey from which to gather more actionable data. Featuring testimonials on your website can improve your opportunities with future customers as it instills trust, in fact, 85% of consumer trust online reviews as much as they would a recommendation from someone they know.

zoho docs3. Get Informed!

Take time to do your research on new trends for the year. Whether it be marketing or consumer trends, it’s important to stay informed and ensure that your business’ goals are in line with the rest of the market. It’s also important to do research on any new laws taking effect, and how those may affect your business. For example, in California, we have few new laws and changes regarding leave of absence, hiring practices, and workplace safety and workers’ comp. You can learn more about those laws here.

4. Start with a Clean Slate and Organize

Is your desk, or desktop, cluttered? Or maybe your emails and calendars have just gotten out of control. It’s important that you start the New Year with a clean slate. Take some time to declutter and organize! Start the New Year fresh and put your mind at ease with a clutter-free workspace, a clean calendar, and without 999+ unread emails.

5. Set Goals and Business ResolutionsZoho Campaigns

We normally set personal New Year’s resolutions, but why not set business resolutions as well? With the information and data you’ve gathered from your company review, your customers, and trends, you’re perfectly within your ability to set goals for yourself and your team. Make sure your team is aware of the importance of your business resolutions, how these will affect their day-to-day work, and how these fit in with (or change) the overall vision or goal of your organization.

6. Speak with your Team

It’s important to stay in touch with your team’s needs and processes. That way you can be sure that they have allotted the right tools and resources to complete their jobs efficiently. Be sure to take note of any bottlenecks and how those can be resolved. Your team may have great insights about working out inefficiencies in the day-to-day processes that they are a part of!

7. Refresh your Skills and Those of Your Team – Training

The New Year is a great time to refresh skills! Just as systems and applications used day to day may have several updates throughout the year, it is important that your team also receives updates so no one falls behind and everyone is on the same page. Hold training sessions for your team to ensure that everyone has a clear understanding of your processes and systems. Here at ZBrains we offer Zoho CRM training – even for our own staff, on a set basis!

zoho projects8. Evaluate your Finances

Take the time to compile financial reports from the past year. Review your growth and revenue to evaluate your company’s spending versus your company needs. This will help you to plan where your company can spend more for maximum benefit, and where you can cut costs and negotiate pricing. As well, make sure your payroll and accounting softwares are up-to-date to ensure those systems are running efficiently in the new year.

9. Marketing Optimization

Marketing trends change quickly, and it is important to start the year off with a fresh marketing plan and revamp your image. Create a content calendar for the year highlighting campaigns, important holidays, and events. Overhaul your social media accounts with new branded imagery and messaging in line with your new business resolutions. Looking back on the performance of the past year can help you shape your lean, mean, marketing machine.

10. Optimize Your Businesszoho smart scheduler

After reviewing the steps above it’s important to ask yourself a few questions. How can you improve? Are you using any outdated systems which seem to be slowing your team down? Is your CRM able to integrate with your daily apps, even on the go? Now is the time to implement changes and ensure your business is using the proper software and applications to run efficiently! Leave your outdated systems in the past and make the changes to enable your team in the new year. We here at ZBrains are Zoho Certified Consultants here to help you with Zoho implementations, integrations, or custom add-ons like our Commission Calculator or SmartScheduler.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to a member of our team! Give us a call at (888) 207-4111 or click the link below and we will call you! You can also check out a few of our past blogs listed below for more ways Zoho can optimize your potential!

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5 way to increase field technician scheduling efficiency

Scheduling: 5 Ways to Increase Efficiency

It’s often said the current generation is one of instant gratification.  Credit card purchases and same-day deliveries are a testament to this – but, the same can even be said of field services and installations.  Elements of the job that used to require picking up a phone, paper calendars, and a physical survey of your team now happen in an instant with email, cloud-based calendars, and automated everything else due to the advent of the internet in general.  For an industry that is expected to grow to $4.45 billion by 2022 (at a 16.5% compound annual growth rate), it means that quick service and an enhanced customer experience are key – and, thankfully, it’s never been easier to do it and benefit from it. Optimizing your scheduling process and making your business more efficient will put you ahead of the game. 

Here are 5 ways you can increase efficiency with scheduling.

1. Find a scheduling tool that integrates.scheduling calendar

A scheduling tool that can integrate with your employees’ calendars is important because it helps to ensure that none of your technicians will miss their appointments. If it integrates with your CRM, then it is even better! Your employees will be able to access customer information necessary for their appointments with the click of a button.

2. Google Maps and Drive Time Calculation.

Having to plan out routes for your employees while scheduling can be time-consuming. Let SmartScheduler be your dispatcher and calculate it for you, providing drive time calculation and optimal routes! Also, save your accounting department the hassle of working through mileage payouts by automatically tracking actual miles traveled through drive time calculation and google maps integration.

3.Your customers can schedule themselves.

Streamline your efficiency and your bottom line. Giving your customer the opportunity to book appointments on their own time is a huge benefit: they don’t have wait to call in during office hours, speak with an agent, and go back and forth looking for a time that works. Instead, they can just search for times that work for them! This also leaves your staff open to do other tasks, and takes the stress away from waiting by the phone.

4. The scheduling process is automated.

The best way to increase efficiency when it comes to scheduling is to automate it! We know that dropping numerous tasks at hand to set appointments for your employees or yourself can be a hassle, especially when you have to take multiple factors into consideration, like expertise or territory. In fact, California-based company Energy Datametrics found that their productivity increased by 15% after they started using scheduling software.

zoho smart scheduler5. Find an App that can do it all!

Our SmartScheduler can! The SmartScheduler help you, well…schedule smarter! It integrates with Zoho CRM and we’ve just added new features to allow your customers to schedule online. We are always keeping our SmartScheduler app up-to-date and we can scale it to your particular needs. Optimize your potential and become more efficient with our SmartScheduler! Check out our recent webinar for a more in-depth look at how the SmartScheduler works.


Interested in learning more about Zoho or our SmartScheduler? Or reach out to a member of our team! Our Zoho Certified Consultants are here help! Give us a call at (888) 207-4111, or click the button below and we will call you!

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zoho notebook

New Feature Alert: Zoho Notebook Can Do Much More

Zoho seems to be the king of expanding already complex applications into tools you can use to run entire departments of businesses – but, as it turns out, they’re also pretty adept at taking smaller, simpler tools and making those better, too. Take Zoho Notebook, for example: Zoho’s answer to apps like Evernote takes the simple act of taking notes on the fly – something most of us really benefit from doing – and combines it with some great features you may not even know you needed – or, wonder how you ever went without them before.

What is Zoho Notebook?

Zoho Notebook is a (free!) note taking application available across several devices. It allows users to easily take notes which are synced to the cloud so they are always up to date. You can create text notes and checklists, flesh out ideas with a dedicated notecard, and even record audio to go with your notes. You can organize your cards into different notebooks with customized titles and covers to keep yourself organized. Share your notes with others over SMS, email, iMessage, and AirDrop, or keep them private with passcodes. This free note taking app simplifies the note taking process and has been made even better with its recent updates!

Zoho Notebook Screenshot

What are the New Features?

smart-card-iPadIntelligent Formatting

Worried that your notes will become distorted or lost when switching between devices? Well, worry no more! With Zoho’s new Smart Cards, the content of your notes is formatted intelligently into simple and clean notecards. Saving a link to an article or webpage? Zoho Notebook will put the headline and main image at the forefront, instead of just a long link. It also makes saving video links to your notes easy: when you save a link from Youtube or Vimeo, Notebook will show a video preview on the card and play it in a distraction-free area when opened. You can now even scan documents to Notebook! With text, audio, sketch, and recipe cards, Notebook’s smart cards take note-taking to the next level!


Notebook for Webclip-the-web-notebook

Zoho Notebook originally began as a mobile app but has now expanded into a true online repository! Notebook for web syncs seamlessly from your mobile devices to your desktop. Want to take notes while browsing the web? You can now use extensions which are available for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox to simply drag and drop content and cards across apps. You can save articles (without ads) using Clean view, and clip text and images to save to cards. Protect some of your notes, or extend protection to all of them, using passcodes to ensure your privacy. The simplicity of Notebook will help you stay organized with ease.

mac notebook

Notebook for Mac and iOS 11 Support

You can now do more with Notebook for Mac! Zoho has optimized the experience for Mac users by expanding the drag-and-drop features. Need to save a checklist to your iOS reminders? Well, you can! Zoho has also added support for the drag and drop feature to the iPad Pro, allowing you to multitask and easily manage your notes from even more devices. Other improvements include the ability to unlock your notes using FaceID or Touch ID (depending on the device), making security even better.

Interested in learning more about Zoho Notebook or Zoho in general? Contact a member of our team today! At ZBrains, we provide tailor-made Zoho solutions for your business. Give us a call at (888) 207-4111. R click the link below and we will call you!


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Adaptability Ensure Your Business can Grow with CRM Implementation

Adaptability: Ensure Your CRM Implementation Is Not Wasted

If you’re reading this blog, you already know how powerful a CRM implementation can be to your business.  Not only acting as a simple database of contacts, it gives you the power to project future revenue, which can factor into all manner of things related to your business, including whether or not to grow the business – and in which direction.  However, as implementing a CRM can be such a comprehensive process, the stories are many where business owners were severely hampered by a CRM that didn’t turn out to be as adaptable as it seemed, or even more held up when a CRM actually decreased productivity because the staff didn’t know how to use the system or didn’t trust it.  

Sometimes, the CRM itself is indeed to blame for these problems, but more of the time, these failed implementations rest squarely on the shoulders of the deployment team (or lack thereof) doing the work. The solution to the problem, then, seems to be to make sure proper data is conveyed to that deployment team to make sure that a CRM implementation takes every known business situation into account…  But, how can you do that effectively?

Fortunately, at ZBrains, we’ve been down this road and heard this story many a time.  Based on our years of experience, this is what we recommend to make sure your system works just the way you expect it to and doesn’t end up hurting your business or going to waste.

Here’s What To Look For To Ensure Your CRM Implementation Is Not Wasted

zoho CRM ImplementationThe Right Fit

First off, ensure the solution is the right fit for your business. It’s important to verify that it has the capabilities to fit into and improve your current processes. Whether it be to match and improve your sales flow or to simplify your email marketing, your chosen solution should encompass all of your business needs. If the CRM implementation can adapt to your business, then your employees can more easily adapt to the implementation.

zoho CRM ImplementationIt Integrates With Your Daily Apps

Don’t divide your business up into different applications. Switching back and forth between tabs can be time-consuming. The business solution that you choose should integrate with your daily apps seamlessly. Being able to integrate with your chosen email client, accounting software, or marketing tools helps a good deal to avoid problems like duplicate or bad data. You can read more about the troubles bad data can cause here.

zoho CRM ImplementationTraining your Staff

Make sure that both you and your team understand how the new CRM implementation will work with your business. Without the team’s understanding, they will not be fully on board with the new solution, or won’t use it properly. When partnering with a consultant for your implementation, ensure that they will also take the time to train you and your staff – because you want your staff confident in the solution once the consultant is gone. Here at ZBrains, we take the time to train your team on the CRM or other Zoho apps, and even work with every level of management to prepare your team even better. Learn more about our CRM consulting services here!

zoho CRM ImplementationEmployee Buy-In

You want your team engaged before, during, and after the implementation process. It’s important to get an employee buy-in through proper training, but you can ease the buy-in process (and indeed we do this with upper management) through something like a Business Process Analysis (BPA), to ensure that everyone is onboard. With a BPA, we interview key personnel to get an idea of what a Zoho implementation will be able to fix and how you’d want to scale the system as you grow.  Then, we deliver the findings to you in a formal document called an Executive Summary.  Positioning Zoho as something that will make life easier always helps with employee buy-in, and the Executive Summary explains and reinforces exactly how that can be done.

When it comes to any new implementations, it is important that your company can adapt to those changes easily. By choosing the right partner and keeping these 4 things in mind, you will be on the road to a successful CRM implementation.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to a member of the ZBrains team today! Give us a call at (888) 207-4111 or click the button below to choose a time that works best for you!

blog hero 1

Zoho Apps That We Are Grateful For!

It’s Thanksgiving! It’s the perfect time to chow down, visit family and friends, and be happy and thankful for everyone in your life. In the spirit of the holiday, we would like to share some of the Zoho Apps that we are most grateful for with you! They can help you to optimize your potential and can keep you on-track and ready to close more, win more, and earn more.

Here are 4 Zoho Apps that we are grateful for!

Zoho appsZoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a powerful cloud-based customer and prospect management solution for your business. It is your most basic database where you can reach out to your customers and reference past work or projects, as well as forecast future sales – which you can use to make key decisions about your business. With Zoho CRM, you can set tasks and reminders to reach out to your customers in a timely and convenient manner, all for the purpose of giving your customers a smoother journey through your sales funnel. With a multitude of integrations, add-ons, and applications you can customize this CRM to fit your specific, unique business needs. Check out just how easy it is to migrate to Zoho!

Zoho appsZoho Sprints

Simplify project management for your business! This agile project management app designed to manage software sprints and help everyone get over their respective hurdles. A simpler project management solution than Zoho Projects, you can manage and track your team’s time and see where everyone stands using the Scrum Board. Use analytics which update in real time to help you make predictions, make adjustments, and identify bottlenecks. All of these features will make sure that your team is operating efficiently. Learn more here!

ZohoZoho apps Campaigns

Being able to keep in touch with your customers and prospects is important: it can convert uninterested leads into warmer prospects, and it can turn one-time customers into lifetime family members. Instead of toggling between various different apps for email marketing, you can use Zoho Campaigns. It integrates with your CRM to ensure that your data is always up to date. Campaigns also gives you massive insights into your email marketing campaigns so you can know how they performed and automate follow-up campaigns. Best of all, the integration with Zoho CRM offers unparalleled visibility into those engaged with your content and pipeline. Learn more about the power of Zoho Campaigns!

Zoho appsZoho Desk

Good customer service is important! Happy customers make life so much easier. Zoho Desk is that all-encompassing solution for your business in need of a ticketing system. Desk is context-aware and designed so your service never misses a beat. With in-depth reporting for management, detailed tickets and time tracking for agents, and a knowledge base for customers – this Zoho app help cover every level of customer service.

Love all of these Zoho Apps? Well, they are all included with Zoho One! If you are interested in learning more feel free to reach out to our team. Give us a call at (888) 207-4111 and schedule a consultation at a time that works best for you. You can also sign up for a free trial of Zoho by clicking the button below!

We here at ZBrains wish you a safe, happy, and delicious holiday!

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Zoho Creator custom solutions for your business

Zoho Creator – Build Custom Business Solutions

One of the most exciting things about the world of software today is how easy it is to do, well… anything. Computers are doing things today that we previously wouldn’t have even dreamed of, and, in doing so, opening our minds up to even more possibilities and, thankfully, giving us the tools to see those possibilities come to fruition before our very eyes – and keyboards. Tech giants like Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft are typically thought of as the forerunners in software innovation, but… what about you? You probably have all kinds of ideas about how to make your own business run more smoothly, and, if you’re reading this blog post, you’ve likely started your foray into Zoho and its suite of apps. So, what about all the things you want to do that Zoho’s standard apps just can’t do for you? Zoho Creator, as Zoho Corporation’s platform as a service (similar to, is Zoho’s answer to nearly any gap you might come across, and then some.

Zoho Creator puts the tools to innovate and improve your lot squarely into your hands

How exactly will those tools help? To get you (or your Zoho consultant of choice) started, here are 4 ways Zoho Creator fills gaps in your business processes and generally makes life better.

Zoho Creator

Functionality and Mobility

Creator makes it easy for you to build custom applications for your business to automate your business process and reduce your workload. With its drag-and-drop interface, you don’t need to a be a programmer to build applications. Manage your data and collaborate with your colleagues using app-level and form-level sharing, and even give clients access to certain records or data with the client portal add-on. You can also stay connected with Creator’s native mobile apps, which allow you to take your data everywhere.

Gain actionable insights with custom reporting

With Zoho Creator you can create custom charts and generate reports with variables as you see fit for your business. Gain actionable insights through Creator by easily identifying trends or by setting benchmarks. These insights can be followed up by automated actions which can be easily set up. You can trigger these actions to occur based on different contexts – for example, send out an email to customers based on where they are in your order process. Reporting in Zoho Creator allows you to see business information with context and optimize your potential with meaningful data.

Simplify your day with automation

Save time with built-in workflows. Trigger actions based on customer information or actions, and map the information in the database. Using conditional statements and built-in functions you can configure approval systems and define rules for processes, allowing you full control over it all. You can also set up notifications, reminders, and schedule tasks through Creator to avoid delays and ensure your customers are happy.

Integration is key

Zoho Creator connects with standard Zoho apps with relative ease; it also connects to other Creator apps.  This opens up realms of possibilities like connecting various ERP apps into an ERP suite on Zoho, then connecting that to your Zoho CRM.

When it comes to building an application for your business, it is important that it can integrate with your other business apps to ensure that you are receiving all the necessary data. Zoho Creator integrates with several apps including Zoho apps, Google apps, QuickBooks Desktop and Online, and PayPal. Creator makes data collection easy, and you don’t have to worry about manually inputting data.

Zoho Creator starts at $15 per user per month*, which is a great deal. Save time and money by creating a custom application for your business needs. *Pricing updated June 2021

Did that get the innovation juices flowing? Or, just interested in learning more? Contact a member of our team today!


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Zoho desk keeps you connected with customers

Zoho Desk – Keeping the Customer First

As any good service company knows, happy customers make life so much easier and make your business run much more smoothly.  Your success relies on keeping customers happy. And it can be a daunting task if you’re faced with handfuls of customer help requests daily, or if you don’t have a way of properly funneling those requests to the right people in your company.

And then, even if you can assign requests well enough, how can you make sure the same problems don’t come up again? How will you know which agents are best at handling issues so you can be sure to utilize them more often?

Zoho Desk is your solution.

Zoho Desk is that all-encompassing solution for your business in need of a ticketing system. Desk is context-aware and designed so your service teams never miss a beat.

Zoho Desk Customer Context Tickets

Here are 6 ways Zoho Desk helps you cover every level of customer service.

Zoho Desk customer connections email social ticketing1. Keep your customers covered.

First and foremost, Zoho Desk keeps allows your customers to contact you easily through various methods, such as:

      • phone, live chat, email, and social media!
      • You can also create custom web forms for your customers to quickly submit tickets which they can track.
      • The option to create a searchable Knowledge Base so that your customer can find answers to common questions without having to contact support is also available. The knowledge base is customizable to fit your brand (or brands).
      • Desk also allows you to build a community forum, in which your customers can have discussions with your team or even with each other in order to solve problems, making it possible for some problems to simply solve themselves, using none of your valuable resources.

2. Improve the productivity of your agents.

As an agent, having all possible details is vital when responding to your tickets and being able to provide a quick solution. Zoho Desk provides you with the customer ticket but also gives customer details within your ticket so you know who you are talking to. Want to know if they have reached out before? No problem! Zoho Desk allows you to see past tickets and interactions on the contact details page. If a customer has submitted a ticket for a common question, Desk will auto-suggest solutions from your knowledge base.

3. Save time managing your team with automation.Zoho Desk reporting dashboard

As a manager, your day can be hectic, so Zoho Desk is made to help you save time. Desk can help ensure that customer service is running smoothly with automation and reporting.

Wasting too much time assigning tickets or tracking your team’s metrics? With Desk you can automate tickets assignments with criteria that you can specify, automatically escalate tickets based on rules you set, and automate workflow processes, all saving you tons of time. Both your customers and your agents will receive notifications when a ticket is updated, increasing your team’s productivity.

4. Key metrics and reports to optimize customer service.

With an easy-to-read dashboard, you can track customer happiness and your team’s key metrics in one window. You can see individual reports and monitor agents’ performance, response time, and even current availability. Or, you can view your team’s overall performance to monitor bandwidth, identify bottlenecks, and find patterns. All of these things will help you to optimize and organize your customer service.

5. Collaborate across departments.

When it comes to customer support, no one person will have all of the answers. Sometimes an agent will be stumped by a question, or not have access to the answer, and will have to reach out to another department for a solution to a problem.

Let’s say a customer asks about the status of a certain product, but you need to reach out to the shipping department for an answer. In Zoho Desk, you can simply tag or @ a colleague from the shipping department and they will be notified! With Desk you don’t need to be worried about unknowingly working on the same ticket as another agent. It will notify you who is working on the ticket in real time, whether it is another agent or the customer. Work efficiently across departments without ever colliding.

6. The option to go mobile with Zoho Desk app!

The Zoho Desk mobile app allows agents to receive instant notifications about the tickets they’re following. this includes details about accounts and contacts. Conversation responses and internal comments are available here, too.

The app automatically organizes Desk tickets, prioritizing the urgency for you. CRM customer information is available within, as well, so agents can quickly reference those contact details and past interaction details. Another level of functionality available from Zoho Desk!

Zoho Desk Consulting is available from ZBrains

Aside from its standalone functionality, Zoho Desk packs a number of different integrations to really take your customer service to the next level, and with paid plans starting at $20* per user per month for the Standard Edition, it’s a hard deal to pass up! (*prices updated June 2021)

Interested in learning more? Reach out to a member of the ZBrains team today! Give us a call at (888)207-4111 or click the button below to connect with our consultants!


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Sign and Send Contracts from anywhere like this construction worker using Zoho Sign

Zoho Sign – Paperless, Effortless, Simple

It’s 2017. Businesses are digitizing and moving practically anything they can to the cloud, and with good reason: It’s safer, easier, more environmentally friendly,… and it usually just looks more sophisticated when you carry out business online as opposed to the old-fashioned way. Document signing is one of these items moving to the cloud in earnest. By allowing for digital signatures, businesses can not only reap the aforementioned benefits of cloud-based software, but they can receive a faster response while completely customizing their clients’ experience with their brand – and Zoho Corporation knows this. With this in mind, Zoho has released Zoho Sign, which features all this, plus integrations including Zoho CRM for even more ease of use. What could be better? Read on for a full breakdown of Zoho Sign’s features.

zoho sign

Here’s how Zoho Sign makes document signing Simple and Effortless

Zoho Sign IconFirst off, What is Zoho Sign?

Zoho Sign is one of Zoho’s newest app releases. It is a digital signature app, from which business can send and sign legally binding documents such as NDAs, sales contracts, partner agreements, invoices, and more! You can customize these documents and preview them before sending to ensure the documents meet your specifications. Wouldn’t it be great if you could send and sign documents from your phone? Well you can, because Sign is also available on mobile!

Timing is Everything

Need to meet a deadline or close a deal? Zoho Sign can help make sure your documents are signed and delivered on time. Send automated reminders and notifications to the recipients so they don’t forget to sign. You can also set up expiration dates for when the document must be completed and send reminders to the signee of the upcoming expiration date. Sign will make sure you stay up-to-date on the status of your sent documents with notifications of when your document is viewed, signed, or declined.

Zoho Sign Screenshot

Make Sure Documents Get to the Right Person – or People

Making sure you send your document to the correct recipient is vital – but what if you need to send it to many? Zoho Sign can do that too. You can add multiple recipients to you document to sign, and even create a signing order – meaning you can control the order which the document is sent and signed. Get a faster response from a group with the ability to send private messages with Zoho Sign. Send messages to either a particular recipient or the whole group. Don’t let your documents slip through the cracks.

Integrations to Make Sending and Signing Simple

Zoho knows that different businesses use different applications when it comes to creating documents. That’s why Zoho Sign can connect with the apps you use on a daily basis. Have your recipients sign a document directly from Gmail, or send documents out from OneDrive, Box, Google Drive, and Dropbox, just to name a few. Sign makes it easy for you to send out documents and get a quick response!

Security is KeyLock

With legally binding contracts, security is important. That’s why Zoho Sign employs bank-level security and encryption for your documents and data. Zoho’s robust security systems make sure that your data remains safe. You can place additional security measures by requiring multi-factor authentication or by granting – or denying – permissions and access by user-role. Furthermore, an audit trail allows you to track the entire signing process and ensure the legality of the signature.

Why go through the lengthy process of printing out paper contracts and waiting for a physical signature? Save yourself the hassle and get Zoho Sign today. With pricing starting at $12 per user per month*, it’s well worth it! It is also included in Zoho One, Zoho’s all-in-one business suite. Learn more about Zoho One here. *Pricing updated June 2021

Interested in learning more? Reach out to a member of the ZBrains team today! We are Zoho Certified Consultants who are happy to help with any Zoho questions. Call us at (888) 207-4111 or let us know a time that works for you using the button below.

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